Winter Crag Sheepdogs 

Lyn was simply the best! The best dog Derek has ever had.

She made the English National Team on three occasions - 2000  at Armathwaite, 2003 at Stranraer and 2004 at Llandeilo. In 2000 she placed 8th at the English National while in 2004, she placed 2nd.

Lyn was purchased from Con McGarry - one of Ireland's top handlers. When Derek first saw her he thought she was exceptional and bought her immediately. Although she did not change hands very well to start with and it took almost a year before she gave Derek her all, it was worth the wait!

Derek noticed that Lyn was off colour during the 2004 International and sadly she died not long afterwards. However she did leave behind a daughter Killiebrae Maddie  who is mother of Killiebrae Laddie.