Winter Crag Sheepdogs 

Sweep was one of Dereks first successful dogs.He was very talented with  strong eye. Being a great outrunner and a well-balanced dog made Sweep very clever in his work on the hills. He was a genius and beyond doubt one of the cleverest dogs Derek has ever worked with. He had a gift for pacing balance and balancing sheep, and could control a single sheep with perfection. Sweep was a decisive dog. He typically made 70% of the decisions while working; allowing Derek to make 30% wether he liked it or not!

He was a half-brother to Jet - both of whom had exceptional ability and stamina.This has been passed down to his grandchildren for example

Killiebrae Laddie

Wendy Cole's FELL

Dennis Jenkins's KILLIEBRAE DELL

Sue Little's TESS

Sweep and Derek represented England at the 1996 International having made the English National Team with a 5th place at Chatsworth. He ran well at the 1996 International but just failed to make the Supreme Final.

He retired to California to live with Geri Byrne and lived out his life there till 2004