Winter Crag Sheepdogs 

Killiebrae Laddie 262753

Health Tests:

Eye Tested

CEA DNA: NORMAL ( Can be mated to normal  or carrier bitches)

Hip Score: 12 ( B-1)

Laddie was an exceptional dog, he had plenty of power,brains and determination, not to mention stamina! He could run out a mile with ease. These qualities mean he was a great work dog and trial dog.

Laddie has inherited many of these skills from his sire Jim who wasin the English team 2004. Also inheriting his good hill working skills from his Grandsire Sweep.

He ran at the 2006 English nationals but just missed getting in the team but in 2008 he won the English nationals!!

Laddie has already sired some very talented dogs that are just starting to be noticed now.

He had a great temperament and passes this on to his puppies.