Winter Crag Sheepdogs 

Sheepdog Training Lessons ( for peple with their own dogs) and hire of sheep.

Sheep hire : £ 20 per hour ( in round pen or regular fields) - please note that sheep can only be rented for 1 hour at a time as their well being is important.   It is possible to book 2 hours in a day but they must be split into two sessions in Am and PM. 

To rent the fell Intake field it would be £30 per hour. 

The sheep will be Shetland / Badger Face with the odd Swaledale/ Herdwick. 

 I can do 30 min lessons for £25 but it is also possible to do longer lessons. 




Sheepdog Experience Packages!.

I am now offering the oppertunity for people to get hands on and work a sheepdog themselves!

I use dogs for my daily work on the farm, on the fells for gathering / In the sheep pens/ On daily stock checks and for sheepdog trials too. 

I mainly have Border Collies as I have grown up with them and it amazes me how intelligent they are, I thoroughly enjoy working with them every day and am in awe of their natural ability. I would love to share this with you and let you work a dog yourself to see how amazing they really are. 

I also have New Zealand Huntaways which are used for gathering the sheep off the fells. Their powerful bark encourages the sheep to flock together so the Border Collie can then take charge and move them to where they need to be.  I can show you both breeds at work so you can see how they compliment eachother.  They love to have visitors and have a huge personality! 


There are a vareity of different packages that you can choose from, they are listed below. 


Puppy to Paddock

 This experience will last around a hour. You will be able to play with puppies and watch as I introduce them to sheep, it is amazing to see how they are born with natural ability to work sheep. I will show the next stage when they have started training and you will be able to have a go working sheep with one of my dogs in an enclosed space , I will be there to help you and gude you through the commands.







The stock dog

This experience will also last around a hour. I will demonstrate with my trained dogs showing a look back / shedding and other skills which are really handy in day to day work on the farm.  You will also get a chance to work a sheepdog with guidance. 




 These experiences are based on one person working a dog.  

Groups of up to 4 people (more by arrangement) are welcome and spectators will be charged a fee per person as they will be involved throughout the hour.

Please contact me if you would like to book a Sheepdog Experience.