Winter Crag Sheepdogs 





Quories Chance 00/344775

Born: 23/03/2016

Dam: Quories Moxy 00/323551

Sire: Nip 00/329368

Health Tests: 





 Chance is a really nice dog to work with, he tries hard and never puts you into trouble.  

He has good outruns and responds to commands instantly.  I have not worked with such an easily controlled dog in a long time, he is always listening and ready to obey.   He will work a big group of sheep or a small group, he is starting to learn how to work on the fell and I think with time and practice he will be a very good and reliable hill dog. 



I happily take him to do jobs as I can rely on him to get it done. He is fast, responsive and good at stopping wild ewes.

Chance learns quickly and I hope he passes this on to his pups, he doesn't use his mouth an is kind with sheep yet he can move them no problem. 

So far he has sired one litter of pups , they are just young now but very keen to work sheep already. 

I am offering him at stud for a reduced rate as I am very interested to see how he breeds.

Below is one of his pups from his first litter.