Winter Crag Sheepdogs 

Killiebrae Imp 


Born: 2016

Dam: Braehead Pixie ( Killiebrae Briar X McGee's Sid) 

Sire: Finn 00/323063

Health Status : DNA normal by parentage / Eye tested

Imp is a lovely young bitch, she is a keeper for me and she is one of my main dogs

 She is a real smiley dog who loves to be out and about with you.

She has been a nice dog to train as she cares about the handler, she tries really hard and learns very quickly.  

She has good outruns, a nice pace when in behind sheep and responds in an instant to commands. She just loves to learn and I am excited about her future. 

Imp has proven herself to bea fab little work bitch, she is more than capable of moving big batches of ewes and lambs / Tups and stubborn sheep, in fact she is the best out of my work team at shifting big flocks.  

She is a speedy little dog with stamina and never lets you down. 
I mated her with my dog Chance and they have produced a lovely cross, all pups are very keen to work and ready to train at 9 months. Lots of natural ability and they are speedy and quick thinkers. 

 She is now in pup to Chance again and I look forward to the pups arriving!