Winter Crag Sheepdogs 

Thinking of buying and training a pup?

"The Shepherd's Pup" 

This DVD will offer some advice on choosing a pup through to the seven key steps of training. It will give you an idea of how to introduce a youngster to sheep and start the basic training. 
The DVD lasts around 150 minutes and is simple and easy to follow. 

Price £19.95 Plus postage. 

* This is not available to buy at the moment*


Are you looking on advice on how to start a young dog? 

The book " Talking Sheepdogs" would be a good option for you as you can read through the book and look at the diagrams, go to the field and check up whilst you are training! 

Here is a review from one reader :Talking Sheepdogs by Derek Scrimgeour. Review by Ian Caldicott.
Talking Sheepdogs is different, one could say (to borrow a comment from Roy Goutte on the back cover) "revolutionary." The book is extremely well written and clear with the best diagrams I have ever seen. Reading it is entertaining, enlightening and thought provoking all at once. The first time through I recommend reading it like you would a good novel, in a comfy chair with a drink in one hand and time to read the whole thing. Then you will want to go back and read sections of it over and over.

This book is a paperback and is Black and White. It is illustrated throughout and size  is 19cm x 25 cm, 128 pages

Price £17 inc postage


Got the basics and are now looking for the next step?

 "Training Secrets Of A Hill Shepherd" 


This Dvd was filmed at an actual clinic that took place in California. This means that it is not as polished as some training DVDs but it is packed full of infomation and techniques on how to further your dogs training.

It is set out in easy to follow chapers and includes the 'Dangerous Ground' method plus a special step-by-step method of starting the working dog.

 The chapters are:

  1. 1.Good Flanks
  2. 2.Opening Flanks
  3. 3.The Triangle
  4. 4.Beginning the Drive
  5. 5.Outruns
  6. 6. Bend Outs
  7. 7.Pull Ins
  8. 8. Whistling
  9. 9.Shedding
  10. 10 International Shed
  11. 11. Look Backs


Price £30 plus postage.