Winter Crag Sheepdogs 

TALLY ( Fellside Sally 00/324200) 



Born: 06/10/2012

Dam: Killiebrae Jet 283073 " Little Jet"

Sire: Mirk 00/302408

DNA Normal by Parentage / Eye tested / TNS Clear

Tally is my main dog at the moment, she is a very talented work dog and she is also a succesful trialling Bitch.

Tally is a clever bitch that will try her best to please and you can get any job done with her. I would not be afraid to tackle any job, she will even work cows if I ask her to.

She is a daughter of Mirk 00/302408 who has had a succesful trialling career and he has left several talented work and trial dogs as well as agility dogs. The best are just starting to come through now. Tally's mother is Killiebrae Jet , she has been a consistent breeder and has thrown out some really good quality dogs.

 I would love to find another like her. 

Tally has had a couple of litters but the best so far is with my Chance,  they are very natural and full of work.

Here is a video of Tally working -