Winter Crag Sheepdogs 

I have had a couple of Newzealand Huntaways for work and they are a very useful dog when trained.  

I have trained them to  bark on command and also stop barking on command which certainly comes in handy!! 

A little about the breed.

The Huntaway originates from Newzealand and was developed to help manage huge mobs ( Flocks) of sheep in vast and rough terrain. They are used for their noise and they are better when worked at a distance. The noise makes sheep move without the dog having to be close and upsetting them.  As the name states they "hunt away" sheep so are very good  at driving flocks away/ down roads/ through pens and up the fell. 

They are very useful dogs when trained but they do take longer to develop than a Border Collie . If they are pushed at too young an age you can ruin them.

They grow quickly so sometimes it is hard to remember they are still pups! It is probably better to have a Border Collie to do the delicate work and a Huntaway to do the bulk/gathering work, they make a great team.

Huntaways are usually Black and Tan but can have some white on the chest and have brindle instead of Tan. Sometimes you get Blue and Tan , we had 2 in litter once! Most have a short coat but you can have them with rough/wiry coats too, they have lots of different breeds in their background so sometimes you get a throwback.  

Meet My dogs



She was my first Huntaway. She is a big strong Bitch and can will work all day long. She is now retired.


Ruby works well with other dogs and you can use her for most jobs around the farm. She drives sheep well but I have also taught her to gather a field in. She is handy  in the pens and is useful at lambing time as she can stay off the sheep and her bark keeps ewes and lambs mothered up. 




Amber is a whirlwind, keen to do anything and everything..especially work sheep. As she has grown older she has improved and is now a handy Bitch. 

She is a grandaughter of Ruby and her sire is Killiebrae Digger.

She has a strong instinct to drive sheep and has a great bark. She will run out towards sheep, stop and bark to drive them away. She is also handy in the pens, still learning but such a strong will to please.

Now I have started using her at real work I have decided to have some pups from her in the future.



Past dogs:

 Digger - He is a son of Ruby and Major. He is now up in Scoltand working on an estate and is the Sire of Amber. He is being used at stud and I would reccomend him so if you are looking for a dog to line your Bitch with get in touch and I can let you know his owners details.   Available AT STUD to proven working bitches.