Winter Crag Sheepdogs 

Mirk 00/302408.

Dam: Gwen 281083

Sire: Moss 253068 

Health Tests:

Eye Tested / CEA DNA : NORMAL ( Can be mated with normal or Carrier bitches)

Hip Score: 11 / TNS tested clear.

Unfortunately Mirk has injured his front leg so can no longer run in trials.

He is living with a friend now and still used for daily work as well as a few New handler trials.

Mirk is one of the best work dogs we have had, he has brains and applies them well.  He is always easy to control, he listens and takes commands right away. He has great outruns, plenty of power and a lovely follow.

Once we were clipping sheep, almost at the end and one jumped out of the race with all the clipped sheep. Derek rushed to let Mirk out and bring the sheep in the pens so we could catch the wooled one out.  

He sent Mirk up the hill and the sheep seporated into two groups, so he called Mirk in and amazingly he singled out the wooled sheep and walked her right back down to the pens. No word of a lie, we were all amazed that it had just happened, ..if only we had a video camera at the time! 

He is the kind of dog you can leave to get on with a job and you can trust him 100% . There are no dirty habits in him, if he needs to use his teeth he will but only if needed. If Mirk has a stubborn sheep to move it will move! If he has lambs to move he is gentle and if you need to shed some sheep that have been mixed up...he is in his element. 

There have been several litters from him now and the feedback is very positive.There are lots of good work dogs sired by him and also some nice trial dogs coming through.

Rachel has a bitch by him and she is very special.

There was a son of his at Skipton Oct 2015 . "Killiebrae Laddie" who won the 2014 Irish Nursery Chamopinship . He sold for 3,800 Guineas. 

His pups are clever, fast learners, want to work for you and very athletic.


Trial Results

Derek  ran him in the 2011 Westmoorland Nurseries and he was placed at most of the trials.

English National 2012 - 9th place

International 2012- 6th place and Highest pointed English Handler


Videos of Mirk :