Winter Crag Sheepdogs 


Welcome to " Winter Crag Sheepdogs"

I have been working together with my father ( Derek Scrimgeour - Killiebrae )  for the last few years on breeding and training sheepdogs and the time has come to start my own breeding programme. 

We will continue to work together and consult on breeding but the majority of pups will now have the Winter Crag prefix. There will be the odd Killiebrae litter from dad's trialling Bitches and of course most of my litters will be Killiebrae lines. 

The dogs for sale will either be my own or my fathers and I will deal with all shipping and transportation.

Dad now has a new website that is just for training and sheepdog holidays.  He gives private lessons as well as group training courses and has various fields to hire to train in.  There is also self catering accomodation availiable.

Please click on the link below to see his website and contact details.  



A little about me! 



I have been working with livestock and dogs as far back as I can remember, from feeding puppies in the pretty frilly dresses my mother dressed me in to standing in the garden whistling commands to dads dogs as he worked them.  Apparently my first words were  " allydoo"

...which of course translates to " That'll do". 


  I started focusing on training dogs when I moved onto Raise Lodge when I was in my early twenties. There I started taking in farmers dogs for training.

 From this I have learned how to deal with different types of dog, how to give a dog time to develop and most importantly how to adapt to each dog.  I realised that you can't expect the same from them all. Some dogs need time to develop an interest and some are mad keen, you often find the ones that take a while to start are the ones that end up the best.  Some will only ever be work dogs,others are special and you are lucky if you stumble across one of these! 



I use the training method pioneered by my father, Derek Scrimgeour. The method involves focusing on body language , pressure on the ground and tone of voice.

It is amazing how a good posture, composed mind and tone of voice can affect a dog. I think there is a lot more we need to learn about communicating and training dogs and I enjoy trying to figure it out! 






I train all dogs with this method , it is logical for the dog and easy for the owner to pick up and continue the training at home.  If you buy a dog from me or leave one to be trained I am more than happy to share this training method with you so you can progress with your dog.


 Growing up on a farm and being hands on has helped me decide the type of dog I need and want to breed. I try to breed a good natured and adaptable dog that is capable of a hard days work and thinking for itself , if it is capable of running on a trial field then that is a bonus. They don't all turn into working dogs so I am happy for them to be active pets / Agility dogs too.

My partner and I have taken over the tenancy of a Cumbrian Hill farm so I am sure this will help me develop my ideas on a good dog and of course it will be great training ground for youngsters!




With the encouragement and help of my father I recently started to compete in trials and enjoy them. It is a great feeling when you complete a run with a dog you have trained.

I would like to help encourage new starters into trialling as it will be a dying sport if more people don't get this space! 


If you would like to get in touch please feel free to send me an email, I am more than happy to have a chat about the type of dog/ pup you are looking for and help to fit a dog to you.

I also take dogs in for training.